LiFi Access Point Diagram

at 595 × 392 in LiFi Wireless.

LiFi Access Point Diagram

How a LiFi Wireless Access Point System Could Work Using Room Lighting

This LiFi Access Point System works using the existing lighting in a building and replacing the conventional lights, with LiFi AP (Access Point) LED lights. The lights can then be connected together with a Ethernet cable, which will connect them all to the main network and possibly power the lighting.

The LED bulb will send signals to devices on the network and provide lighting for the room. Another part of the AP will receive signals from the LiFi clients, creating a bidirectional full-duplex connection. In other words LiFi allows for two way communication between two LiFi devices at the same time.

Lifi APs also allow for multiple devices to be connected to them as WiFi APs also permit.

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