Inspiring Advice

Recently there has been a video published showing a “crazy man” giving advice, most of which sounds quite moving. Well actually he is a street performer, but he does appear to have a good point to make.

To some it up he suggests:

  • The meaning of life is to live in the magic of now and discover our purpose.
  • He advises that younger generations don’t get old, love now, inspire and create.
  • To be free you cannot judge people.
  • Freedom is doing what you love in the moment.
  • He advises people to do what their heart wants.
  • Life is a paradox a mirror of confusion.
  • Love now!

Is our reality of life, as he suggests, indeed a paradox? Are we then the crazy ones living in the mirror of confusion not loving now and not always following our hearts?

What do you think? Comment below.

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