Stew Simpson’s New Demo Tracks

Stew SimpsonStew Simpson

Hadrian’s Union’s lead singer Stew Simpson is working on his new album. He’s released his demo tracks on Sound Cloud and they are truly stunning. Hadrian’s Union produced some very good traditional style folk music, but this new work from Stew Simpson is something a bit different.

English Eccentric

Certainly a fun track to listen to and quite possibly my favourite of the new demos. It’s very different to anything I’ve heard before and will probably be a fun song to perform on stage and really engage the audience.

I Will Never Write a Song for You

This is much less upbeat than English Eccentric and is definitely bitter. The backing track works very well and it comes across, as English Eccentric does, as a very well polished track, especially for something that is only in demo phase.


Spectrum is really about Stew’s annoyance about how society tends to think of gays and what society expect them to be like. But as he says “it’s all lies” and really they’re not that much different from anyone else.

Princess of Trafalgar Square

Princess of Trafalgar Square is definitely a darker song by Stew Simpson and is very moody, but don’t be thinking that it is not as good as any of the other demo tracks. It is well put together and sounds great.


This is much more of a traditional folk song and is very easy to listen to. It has a lot of Stew Simpson in it like most the tracks do. 1994 is certainly very good, but it does not stand out to me as much as some of the demo tracks.

These demo tracks are distinctly Stew Simpson and well worth listening to. You can tell that he is passionate about the topics the songs are about, which makes them all the more better. Hopefully the finished album will not lose any of the “Stew Simpson” from the tracks on its way to being published.

Well done Stew Simpson and I’m sure we all look forward to seeing your new album in all good record stores soon.

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