Installing HP LaserJet M2727nf Drivers on a PC with USB3.0


Recently I was trying to install the Windows 7 driver for a HP LaserJet M2727nf printer on a PC which has a USB3.0 card installed. The installer kept failing to install, telling me it couldn’t find any compatible USB hardware. Considering that USB3.0 is backward compatible to USB2.0 and the standard HP universal driver installed and worked with no issues, I found this very odd.

HP Driver Installation Failure - USB not detected

HP Driver Installation Failure – USB Not Detected


After looking though all of the installation files in the “setup” folder, I discovered an executable file called “usbready.exe”. This is a program dating back to 1998, which was written by Intel, for use by hardware vendors to determine if PCs had USB support. When ran on a PC with USB3.0 it will come back with this screen:

USBReady.exe not detecting USB support on USB3.0 bus

USBReady.exe not detecting USB support on USB3.0 bus


The solution to this problem is quite simple.

You will need installed on your computer a copy of 7Zip of some other compression tool such as WinRar or WinZip. I recommend 7Zip it is free, light and easy to use.

  1. Download the driver from the HP site.
  2. Go to the folder you downloaded it to. Open the installer in your compression tool and extract the files. 7Zip users can do this by right-clicking on the file, going to “7-Zip” then “Extract files…”
  3. Once extracted, open the folder you extracted the files to and then open the “setup” folder.
  4. Find the file called “usbready.exe” and delete it.
  5. Go back to the main installer folder and run “Setup.exe” to start the installation.

This time the setup should run without any USB problems.


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