Issues with Adobe Reader 2019.008.20071

Recently Adobe released a routine update for their flagship PDF reader Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. On the surface the biggest change users should have noticed was some fancy new icons, however a couple of nasty little bugs have also made an appearance.

The first bug that was reported to me was images emended within the documents were no longer printing and the second was the Save As option was greyed out. Thankfully there are a couple of work around which can be used whilst Adobe bring out their next update to resolve these issues.

How to resolve the images not printing

  1. Open a PDF to print
  2. Go to File and then Print…
  3. Click on Advanced and then check Print As Image
  4. Click OK and then Print

How to resolve the missing save functionality

Currently the best action to take to resolve this issue is to reinstall Adobe Reader, some may wish to take this opportunity to revert back to a previous version.

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